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Neuvote Live - Real World Testing

Neuvote will be in the final product testing stage starting September 1st 2018. We are looking for candidates for the program. If you are responsible for the electoral process and are interested in getting involved, please apply below.

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The Digital-2-Paper Mobile Voting System

Learn how Neuvote's system breaks down all the barriers to mobile voting and why the system should be a requirement in your next Election


The Standard for Mobile Voting

Neuvote's unique method to mobile voting has created an opportunity to offer your constituents access to their vote via a mobile device. At the core of our approach are three core principles. Read our whitepaper to learn more about our methodology.

About Neuvote

At Neuvote, our mission is to advance democracy by providing citizens the ability to vote via a mobile device. In doing so, there will be higher participation levels which strengthens democracy as a whole.

Our team has 65+ years in the technology sector with 40 of those years dealing with high profile financial security projects dating back as the 80s. In order to realize our vision, we regonize we need to work closely with Election Administrators to help them offer the most secure offering possible.

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